Bulk Authority Domains

Obviously, there are other metrics too but backlink has always been one of the most important strategies to get noticed in Google’s ranking. (We support these and much more at DomCop). It sounds great, right? Why wouldn’t you want to pay a little bit of money to increase your rankings and generate passive traffic to your website? That’s the dream of most SEO experts, after all. Above we can see the scan results page and those numbers in green are the number of free to register expired domains the tool found…pretty impressive eh! You can add labels and color codes to your scans so you can easily see at a glance which projects you are working on. so if your PBN does get detected by Google, you still benefit for a few weeks extra which is why you should never delete or remove the link a PBN is pointing to - unless you have received an “action against link” warning notice from Google in your WMT panel. But while being natural, you are still highly relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for

These domains retain their age i.e. if they previous owner registered it 5 years ago, it remains a domain registered for 5 years. Paid Links:Buying and selling paid links to enhance rankings were earlier a common phenomenon

Before we cover that, you need to understand the types of domains to find. It shouldn’t be too challenging to find good small business hosting. The downside to auctions is that you pay extra to get first pick. But you can easily get away with buying an expired domain or two, and then just setting up a 301 redirect to your existing site which will pass over some of the existing link juice and traffic of the expired domain that you have bought. With some help, a Private Blog Network can give you excellent returns. If the article doesn’t read well and isn’t unique then what stops Google from looking at it. This saves lots of time for you. Sure, some website’s addresses could be similar, but don’t make too many. Some people believe expiring domains provide more power, but many of those with this are biased by the fact that they’re selling expiring domains

Chances are, no one will ever know what happened. A couple of years ago, Google decided to de-index links from a few Public Blog Networks. A typical backorder costs you around $69, although each site has their own pricing. I do NOT recommend IX Hosting

We need to trim these down to just the domain, so we can run them in a domain availability tool. Do not use the previous content from the site. You need to set up your IP addresses to reduce the possibility that Google discovers your Private Blog Network. There are three costs to a PBN – (a) the cost of the domain, (b) the cost of hosting & (c) the cost of content. Here’s what an analysis on a Hostgator IP looks like (IDL = 5.07%): How to determine which premium hosts to use: Here’s who I use for my PBN hosting… Getting approved for premium hosting accounts can be more difficult than what you’re used to.  Easy Blog Networks (EBN) is a solution that many people are adopting because of their ability to get you on the same IPs that the normal businesses use (Amazon, Rackspace, etc).  They also have features like automatic IP assignment and uptime monitors which make it nice for SEOs.  I personally haven’t tried this solution as my general modus operandi is to avoid doing what other SEOs do, but to each their own. Just to make things clear once again, if you are planning to build a 10 site PBN, you should buy from at least 3-5 different domain providers. There is a way to track and manage this which I will show you later on. Downtime is a big factor since you don’t want to have to monitor your website uptime. It is important to understand that the backlink profile considers factors like : Ideally, you want to see a number of natural links from some relevant websites. And SEO hosting is also not able to resolve the issue of this sub-standard proximity efficiently

If they were all hosted on the exact same server, it would be clear they are all associated with each other. Ay of the SEO who maintains a PBN is likely to judge more averagely a hosting web service than a webmaster. I say domain authority and page authority are throw away stats because they can be influenced by automated software like GSA. You won’t only win social backlinks. I recommend doing 1 or 2 links to your money site from a single post. All the articles should look natural and contain relevant information. Instead I prefer to register an expired domain that already has authority to build the site on