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And with a larger audience comes better SEO, and on it goes. You can simply download these files, upload them to your hosting and add an outbound link to your money site, all within 5 minutes

The above is a perfect example when you shouldn't use a particular domain. The reason this works is because it allows you to setup your accounts on different server locations. 3. The only way to legitimately use the value of a PBN but insulate yourself from the risk is to have a sizable proportion of white hat, high quality links. How you determine the content to use for these posts, will be decided by how you themed the website. Step 3: GoPBN Provides a total of 9 CMS as of now while more are planned to be added. Here are some other numbers you need to know to predict ROI: To make this easier, I’ve created a Google Sheet: These are generous calculations, but it gives you an idea of the ROI potential of using PBNs. A simple way to do this is to set up a twitter account, and set up a years worth of automated tweets so that you publish a couple of tweets a day that are relevant to your niche. Always make sure you are in complete control of your backlinks profile. All you need to do is set the alt tag on the image: Now when you link this image, same as you do for text links, the alt tag will be treated as the anchor text

You need aged domains with clean web history and good backlink profile to build up a working PBN. They have hundreds of customers running legit sites on their servers too…which helps your PBN remain in a good neighborhood. EDIT: This is the real danger of using PBNs